Outside the Recipe Book

NaPoWriMo’17 – Day 2

A Recipe


A pinch of salt with a bit of lime;

A recipe to narrate, one of it’s kind.

Two spoons of sugar, charred a tad more;

Caramel is it? Ah ! My tongue is so sore.


What if I mix them all in a vessel;

Tangled and blended; like us when I nestle.

And then are those times when we made love;

Like a drink that gives a high; sent from Above.


Low, are those days; so black and so gray;

Like soot on my burnt bowl, on a bad meal day.

The smell of that meal ; so rotten and so foul;

That’s exactly how I feel , when you sulk or scowl.


Oh! My dear MasterChef, There’s no recipe that I know;

Cooking ain’t my forte, Can you go a lil’ slow?

Hold my hand, teach me how, To make out as we cook;

Some delicacies ought to be learnt outside the recipe book!


— Anisha Sunil —






Confessions between sisters..


I try too hard to be your best friend
And I miss those silly fights
I never really want back anything I lend
There are chapters in our life, I wish to rewrite


Blind trust in random people is such a crime
Your naivete sometimes makes me groan
I guess should have spent more time
Coz now I am left all alone


I hate that you have grown up
Yet I love that innocence in you
Despite your mistakes, I know you are tough
With you by my side ; it feels as if I’m new


I’m confused if I should tell you or hide
You’re my inspiration- now and forever more
Just between us, I have to confide
That we mean more to each other, than ever before.




Big Blue shanty

Day 3 —- Presenting a Sea Shanty !!! For NaPoWriMo

Lets get to work fella’s
Lets get her tied
Lets get our big blue queen
Might & power personified

Haul in un , haul in deux , haul in trois
sweat now or never
Lets show our power

Haul in un , haul in deux , haul in trois
Respect to our mother with
our big blue feather

Lets help each other
during the stormy weather
Our sorrows shall wither
coz our big blue mother
will always hold us together !

A war between life and death- Cancer

Day 2 for NaPoWriMo- a poem of lies
Death is always a painful truth
Life is forever a sugar – coated lie
How will I confess to my ten year old ?
Both hands on my cheek ; I squat ; I sigh !
Being responsible was’nt new to me
Living with cancer isnt easy you see!
My little one’s face is rarely filled with glee
When will I tell her? Will she ever agree ?
She asked me , ” Ma, Will I die soon ? “
As her doctor and her mom, I knew not what to tell
“You’ll live long”, I said and I did not lie
She will live till I’m alive ; in my heart shall she’ll dwell !!!

Sita’s tears

Going with the National Poetry Writing Month- 2013 cue for Day 1. Starting with the first line of Tennyson’s “Crossing the Bar”

Sunset and evening star
A horizon – miles so far
Innocent smile , pure tear drop
Sitting alone i think nonstop
Was it easy for you or was it hard for me
Abandoned in the forest where I could’nt even see
Should I wait for you or should I not?
I decide to move on with you in my heart